Our Story

Our Story

Four Seasons Accessories was started by a mother and daughter team that had one mission in mind; bring the customers what they want at an affordable price!

We are like most women; we enjoy a good shopping trip!  It was during these shopping trips that led to brainstorming  and the creation of our company. Over the years we noticed a pattern during our shopping adventures, the prices!   We started to realize that all the accessories we would find were overpriced.  If they weren’t overpriced, they were last season’s leftovers, and  affordable pieces were a disappointment in  quality.   This made us wonder, why should buying the accessories we want break our budgets?

We knew that women deserved to look great in every outfit they owned, be it a new dress or a pair of jeans. This gave us the inspiration we needed to bring you Four Seasons Accessories. A place where all of the accessories are affordable and in season! No more searching for hours just to buy last season’s hottest items at a discounted price. How awesome is that?

How did we do it? We went directly to the source!  We knew that if we could remove the huge overhead and cut out the middleman we could offer jewelry and  accessories at an affordable price. By going directly to the source we also gained an additional perk; we have the ease of customizing the selection we bring to you. We use your feedback and take action! So remember give us your feedback, we’re listening!

We hope that you  love your shopping experience with us and we have accomplished our mission. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy shopping!

Tasha & Crystal